Valais Retreat

Valais Retreat

notre profond voyage annuel spirituel dans l'Art de l'Aikido
Julliet 10-12, 2020


Join us for our annual spiritual voyage deep into the Art of Aikido with Durward Burrell sensei, 5th Dan and Patrick Cassidy sensei, 6th Dan.

Here during our retreat in the Swiss Alps, we engage ourselves with the questions that gave birth to the perspective of Aikido.

Who am I? Why am I here? What is my relationship with Life?

All practitioners of Aikido regardless of style or rank are welcome to participate in this weekend of “Evolutionary Aikido”. This retreat offers the individual the chance to awaken and evolve, to discover and transform.

Come join a community committed to addressing the questions that inspire us to move into unknown territory, and discover for ourselves the deeper meaning of who we are and why we practice.

Please contact us for your registration and questions!